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With 365 Total Protection, we offer you two comprehensive packages for your Company Security Management in connection with Microsoft 365. Find the right security version to suit the individual needs of your company with our detailed overview. 365 Total Protection Business offers you a comprehensive security solution with a variety of features that ensure the protection of your email and complete data security for Microsoft 365.

365 Total Protection Enterprise offers you an extended range of functions and advanced protection mechanisms. The Enterprise version covers legally compliant email archiving with advanced features such as eDiscovery and 10-Year email Retention and offers intelligent protection against Advanced Persistent Threats with the use of AI-based analysis mechanisms.

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection fits any M365 plan. Secure your email communication now.

Compliance & Governance

365 Total Protection goes hand in hand with legally compliant email archiving in accordance with the GDPR and the GDPdU [Principles Of Data Access and Auditability of Digital Documents] and ensures that all your incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived. The email encryption function provides comprehensive protection for your communication and sensitive data, and the Company Disclaimer, which protects the integrity of your company with mandatory data, is automatically added to every outgoing email.

GDPR Security by Default

With 365 Total Protection, you are automatically on the safe side by default. All features are designed to keep your personal data safe at all times and to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. All services are performed in redundant, secure computing centers.